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Deciding Between An Interlocking Or Stamped Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlays are a great way to create curb appeal, enhance the architectural style of a building and add extra durability. When concrete is poured over a surface, it becomes the same as the underlying ground. This makes concrete a very desirable material for anything from driveways to walkways. However, the durability of concrete overlays is what draws attention to them.

The best overlays cost a bit more than regular concrete flooring. But that’s ok. Why pay more when you don’t have to? The reason concrete overlays cost more than regular concrete is that they’re made from a specialized polymer that’s even more durable than regular concrete. Because the material is so durable you can save money on your concrete flooring by choosing this type of design.

Making the Right Choice

One thing to keep in mind when choosing concrete overlays is that they are simply another decorative design added to your concrete floors. While this is good news, the decision to use one of these systems will have an impact on the durability of your concrete floors. Don’t think that just because you’ve chosen to install decorative concrete overlays that your concrete floors will be invincible. Just because the decorative overlays are more durable, doesn’t mean that the underlying concrete floors can’t get damaged.

You must choose concrete resurfacing overlays that are designed to meet specific requirements. For example, you’ll need a seal that’s designed specifically for the installation of concrete overlays. You should also choose a seal that’s designed for both concrete surfaces and your plywood backing. Using the wrong sealant or applying the wrong sealant can cause serious problems for your concrete resurfacing project. Choosing the right sealant will help to ensure that your project is a success, not a flop.

concrete overlays

Another thing to consider is that you need to choose concrete overlays that are going to work well with your particular design. A decorative overlay is often designed to help make your concrete floors look great. But if your floors aren’t already looking great, you need to make sure that the concrete resurfacing overlay you choose is going to compliment your existing design. Don’t try to implement a decorative concrete overlay that will clash with your existing flooring. You need to leave your concrete floors with their natural appearance and prevent yourself from spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

Types of Overlays

A third thing to keep in mind is that there are two types of stampable overlays. These include interlocking and non-interlocking stamps. Interlocking stamps are great if you need to install your concrete floor over more than one piece of flooring. Non-interlocking stamps are used when you’re installing over a single concrete floor.

The most common installation method for interlocking concrete overlays is to interlock the right-angle corners. This will allow you to install your concrete flooring first and then install the overlay over the remaining concrete. However, if you’re not comfortable with installing this way, you can choose the stamped concrete overlays. With these overlays, you simply install the stamped portions of the overlays directly over the floor surface.

Finally, it’s important to note that there are different colours to choose from when it comes to choosing decorative concrete overlays. You can purchase solid colours, patterned colours, and even metallic colours like green and silver. When installing over a concrete slab, you can create a beautiful decorative border when it comes to your concrete flooring project. No matter what colour you choose, you’re guaranteed to add value to your home when you install an interlocking or stamped concrete overlay.

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